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Pastoral Care is available for the spiritual support of the patients, family members, and staff at St. Anthony Hospital. How may Pastoral Care be of service to you?

Admission to a hospital is a stressful event for both the individual and their loved ones. Uncertainty, fear, and loneliness can be among the feelings that we experience at this time. Having someone with whom to talk about these feelings can be helpful for both patients and family members. Prayer, too, can be of great support to us throughout our lives, and particularly during times of stress and worry. The chaplain is trained to listen, provide feedback, and pray with you, if you wish. We are here to serve everyone, regardless of whether or not you have a church, temple, or religious affiliation, because we believe that all persons have a spiritual nature that needs nourishment, just as our physical bodies need food and water.

There is a chapel on the main floor of the hospital by the reception desk for prayer and quiet meditation. Eucharistic ministers bring Holy Communion to residents on a regular basis. Trained Pastoral Care volunteers, as well as the chaplain, are available to talk with you, pray with you, or simply be with you.

Please give us a call at 845-987-5117 or ask your nurse to notify us if we can be of help. We look forward to meeting and serving you at St. Anthony Hospital.

Suzanne Evanoff, Director
Fr. Jamie Bono, IV Dei, Priest-Chaplain

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